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More than 5 million women are facing these issues already in the USA, as per the stats of WHO. Almost five to ten percentages of all the women in the age group of a reproductive range are suffering from this issue already. Hyperandrogenism is the reason for this type of issues, women. Adulatory dysfunction and the PCOM are there major reasons for this type of issues. Androgen production is in excessive amounts in the case of these women. Insulin resistance is the reason for the Meta carboxylic dysfunctions too. As a result, there is compensatory hyperinsulinemia that is quite evident in a majority of the women with this type of problem. This increases the risks of type 2 diabetes in women of this kind. A venous thermal embolism is also one more factor to have the matter of concern. There are chances for endometrial cancer too. Cerebrovascular events and the cardiovascular events are noticed in common as well. To not to suffer from these types of issues, in the long run, the best alternative is to use the effective counter drug lie HemoHIM. If the counter drug is not taken then the body eventually loses its innate potential to behave normally and catch up with ailments one by one successively. To not to get into a series of problems it is good to take the preventive maintenance as a mandatory need regardless of whether you are seeing symptoms of any of this kind or not. Yeah, HemoHIM is a must for all the women in that way, to be consumed on a consistent basis. That helps you keep any type of problems of this kind at bay all the while and to stay with perfect health all the while.

The chances for women to have an imbalance in the sex hormones secretion are higher regardless of the type of food intake or the workouts on a regular basis or lifestyle practices and so on. The hormonal changes from the normal routine can be due to so many internal and external reasons. If the external stimuli are not controlled or if the internal changes are not stoppable then the chances of facing such issues in women are higher. At the same time, there are hereditary issues too. Nothing can be done to fix the issue in such ashes, as the genetic coding has to be changed in such cases. If the generic coding has to h been changed then the genetic engineering experts have to handle the issue, which is not allowed to put into practices all until now as per the legal terms and conditions for the medical practitioners all over the world, to ensure the world safety.  Genetic engineering and the cloning are interrelated. The areas are sensitive to not to be put into real practice all until now as the changes can have  influence in very many positive and negative ways. Some of the negative ways could be a threat to not to invite trouble by researching into these aspects at all, as per the assumptions of the medical guidelines makers of the present items. So, if you are having any other opinion to counter the issue, then that is most welcome and that is nothing but the hem him. That is the only way you can counter the issues of this kind. It means in the case of genetic issues, you can make sure that you are leading a better lifestyle when you are going to use HemoHIM. For all those who are not having the issue as hereditary, it are super solutions to use HemoHIM on the long run, to come out of the issue once for all. That is perfect peace solution designed for the life time to any women in from any think group around the world.


  1. Menstrual disorders
  2. Stomach issues
  3. Nausea
  4. Headache
  5. Pain all over the body

The common symptoms are not always leading to this issue but under a majority of the circumstances, this is the major reason why women do suffer from the problems of such a kind.  When the problem is in the earlier stages then you can fix it with quick attention by giving the patient due attention and care with eh best of the medical assistance as well. If not then it would gradually increase to worsening heights, when the person gets older eventually. These are some issues that might not be sidelined at all. Healthy food must be the best option to not to fall victims to such type of issues. No junk food must be offered to the young women which can be a threat to the health of the women in varied ways.

Most of the women who are diagnosed with this ailment inherit the issue from their mothers. Siblings of the same mother necessarily have the issue under a majority of the circumstances. If that is the case with someone in the family, then speak to the doctor from the early days about the right type of diet to be maintained right from the early phase of the life. It earns you are avoiding the complications in the later part of your life. For that, you need to take HemoHIM in absolutely optimal proportions as and when you get the chances to do so.

Overproduction is also a problem. When the androgen secretion is higher in the body than the women has to suffer from such issues inevitably. Male sex hormone is produced not only in the males but also to a certain extent in the females as well. These females must be watched out for their hormone levels in the body. If not, they are supposed to get the problems later on in very many ways as they are going to go out f balance sooner or later. This makes sex hormone must be growing in limited quantities in the females. Some females do have it in excessive amount, though. So, make sure that the intake of HemoHIM is arresting down the excess and makes the androgen secretions levels to be normal in the body. The ingredients that are present in the super supplement HemoHIM are good enough to optimize the androgen secretion levels in the body of the women who are already afflicted with the PCO.


Progesterone and estrogen are two sex hormones of the women. When they go out of balance, then the issue is PCO. This is where there are all possibilities for cysts to grow in the ovaries. Cardiac function of the women is affected due to this and also the fertility issues are quite common in these candidates. Appearance changes by far from their original face value. This is why there are a lot of emphases that is made on the right type of food items that are good for health. Junk foods must be avoided mainly just because of these reasons, in particular, to maintain a great health altogether.



Most of the women who are producing higher levels of androgen will have the issue of PCO. You can see it be in varied visual abnormalities. Women will have excessive growth in certain parts often body. Hair growth in the face another upper lip portion or even in the sideburns is higher compared to the usual women. It means you go take care about the optimal secretion of the male hormone in the body. The instant resort is to seek the help of the pros who can do the best of the diagnosis. Once identified as the issue of PCO, get a pack of HemoHIM to see how effective it’s the super formula for your body. Obviously, it is highly effective in most of the women out here and that is why it is called as the super formulas of the current times. So, order for a HemoHIM pack to get rid of this issue once for all. The earlier you do it, the healthier life that you can enjoy for a long time.

The steroid-induced polycystic fibroid ovaries

Repeated electro-acupuncture and its effects in some rats have been so interesting for the docs to make a note about some vital facts lately. Especially for those rates that were suffering from the Steroid-induced polycystic ovaries, this method is fond of giving a soothing action as relief as it is observed by the researchers. Modulation of the nerve growth factor is the major reason here. Concentrations of the EA_1 are far lesser in the rats with Steroid-induced polycystic ovaries. Only with the hypothalamus being an exception, where there is a significant amount of increase in the EA concentration, the other areas are found to be weak. The researchers were conducted at the University of Stockholm by the physiology department professionals. The results were amazing that for those rats that intake the HemoHIM have shown proven positive results to recover steadily from the Steroid-induced polycystic ovaries. This is the major reason why docs around the world are suggesting this super supplement HemoHIM.

Women are supposed to face a lot of issues as soon as the attain the puberty period. If the body is not maintained well, then it goes to show the women in very many ways. These problems are not taken into consideration by some women at all. They try to compensate the losses in the form of varied healthy food items that they do eat right from the beginning of their childhood. That is how you can see some of the women to look so obese or stronger enough during the early teens as they take food items of all the kind without any discretion. This can be adding on to the issues that are not noted initially all until they are to face some serious problems after a few years or so. They are getting cysts in the ovaries due to the free lifestyle routine that they took for granted during their early teenage. Without doing any workouts when the eating is unlimited then the implications are too bad. That affects the menstrual cycle badly. Eventually, the person is to suffer from lots of issues and one such issue is nothing but the PCO.

The junk food that is taken in daily intake is not going to help at all, for the women who are only going to add on to their woes. They catch up with problems like diabetes at the early stages of their life. The root cause of all the evil is nothing but their unorganized lifestyle. Their desire to not to contain or limit on the food items that they do consumer on a daily basis. When this is to happen then that is to end up in lots of problems eventually. That is why the physicians today are suggesting the women to use the common sense approach. The prime goals of the strategy are to not to take too much food but to eat only precious food items that are tunable for their own health. Enough amounts of protein, as well as balancing it with right food items of the other kind, and including the fruits and vegetable in the diet, becomes a must. When you are going to use the supplements like HemoHIM then the results are outstanding. It is a super supplement that is helping women of all age group to not to invite any unnecessary issues. They are not becoming victims to something like the PCO in particular. They are not consuming the unwanted junk material. At the same time, they are getting enough nutrition as it is needed optimally for the body, through the super supplements that have the best of the nourishment, as it is in the case of HemoHIM.

Gamma Rays

Gamma rays are produced due to the emission of the high-energy waves. It is from the nucleus of the atom. There are no particles in the gamma rays. Unlike the alpha or the beta rays, the gamma rays are used extensively in very many industrial applications too. It is the properties and the characteristics of the gamma rays that makes it be unique. A photon of high energy is usually emitted from the nucleus to produce the gamma rays. Just because of the fact that there is no mass or no charge at all with these gamma rays, it can travel farther in the air compared to what the alpha particles down or the beta rays do. For every five hundred feet, the energy that is lost is just about half of its initial value. Depleted uranium or lead is good enough to stop the beam of gamma rays at will.

Dense material with the higher atomic number of ideal enough to stop the gamma rays. Shielding the gamma rays in the industries or the medical laboratories is done through lead sheets in particular. If not lead, then the materials that are made out of higher atomic number can be of good use in shielding gamma rays.

In order to protect h body for the attacks of the microbes there are so many measures that are being taken by the docs around, and hem him like supplements are being recommended to the patients. These patients are taking the medicine to make sure that there is no serious damage caused to the body even when the body is exposed to some dreaded radiations that are passed on, through the atmosphere. The atmosphere is filled with so many different types of glasses already. The radiation from the sun, the cosmic rays, and many others, particle ways are transcending the penetrating particles to produce different effects in the body.

If the immune system is not stronger then the body loses is a capability to keep the health and fitness under control all until the exposure to the radiation is brought down. So, the best idea is to not to discontinue the HemoHIM intake even though if you are feeling completely fit enough to act vibrant under all the circumstances. The moment you are leaving the habit of consuming something precious like HemoHIM you are sure to realize the difference.  Instead, making it as a daily routine to include the super supplement of HemoHIM in your diet makes complete sense.

Beta Rays

Beta radiation is emitted when the nucleus emits the beta particles from the atoms. The form of the beta radiation is usually an electron particle or the position particle. The position is similar to that of the electron but with the charge alone being positive from that of the electron with no change I the mass and the energy. As the smaller mass is an advantage of the beta rays, there are higher possibilities to travel farther distances in air. It can be stopped using a plastic strip this so optimal thickness. Otherwise, the beta rays can travel even up to some meters distance. External health risks are higher with the exposure to the beta rays compared to the alpha rays for the animals and birds or human beings too. Internal emission is the major threat when it is through the materials ingested.

There are varied ways of treating diseases in men and women. There are varied ways in what the radiation of a different kind can affect the human system as well. If you are not exposing your body to some radiations like beta rays on the long run there are all the chances that you are going to live longer. So, don’t forget to select the right environment to live in.

Alpha Rays

There are varied forms in the ionizing radiations. These are caused only because of the atoms that are not stable. Unstable atoms will either have mass in excess amounts or energy in the excess amount from the routine. Remember, a basic rule of thumb is simple as that, there is not energy that can be created or destroyed in nature but only transformed from one state to that of the other. So, the energy that is in excessive amounts in the atoms that are unstable has to transcend from one state to that of the other, naturally as a spontaneous process. This excess energy is released by these unstable atoms to reach their stability. The release of energy is called as the process of radiation.

There are different grades and digress of radiation and penetration that is happening in nature. Based on nature of the incidence and the changes as well as the type of penetration the radiations are identified to be quiet discreet in their abilities. These are different types of radiation as it is differentiated bit eh scientists as the Alpha rays, or the beta rays or the gamma rays. The x-rays are not different either. During the emission of the energy in the form of alpha particles in an atomic nucleus, the alpha rays are emitted. Same sis the case with the other forms of radiations too.

There are some classical examples for the alpha rays emission. The best of all is the radioactive disintegration process.

Alpha rays are emitted doing the radioactive decaying process. This consists of 2 protons and the two neutrons and that forms one alpha particle. Helium 4 atoms are a classical example to prove a point there. Due to the changes that are happening in the course of time in the atomic number, the particles are not going to travel long distances in air. Only a few centimeters can they travel in the given space. Dead skin cells and the outer layers are not penetrated effectively by the alpha rays. At the same time, it is capable of entering into the dead skin cells, if the alpha particles are ingested especially through the processed food items or the other sources through the air. These are good enough to cause some serious damages too. Tea poisoning was done using this technique f or Alexander using the chemical polonium-210. It is one of the serious alpha emitters.

B cell

White blood cells have lymphocytes as one if its own kind. Again the sub-types of the lymphocytes are called as B cells. These B cells are the active part of the immune system built in a person’s body. It is for humeral immunity component of the body. It secretes antibodies that help the immune system to be adaptive enough to make the body combat against the microbial attacks. Consistent needs are there for the bodily organs to combat against the bacteria, virus or fungi. The tumor cells as another form of the threat as well. These B cells are playing active role in keeping the body as good as possible by doing the needful adaptive immune control functions effectively all throughout the day and night. 

That is how we are getting the best protection for our body too. If you are going to strengthen the immune system as a whole with the right intake of the supplements like HemoHIM then there are best chances that the optimal balance is created in the body and maintained well with the right proportion of B cells that are produced regularly. So, don’t forget to use the best of the supplements lie HemoHIM to make sure that the body builds its own capacity to fight against the bacterial attacks naturally, with the best production of the B cells, through the sources that they get from HemoHIM.

NK cell

Patrolling the whole of the body and killing the tumor cells as well as the infected cells is the role played by the NK cells. These are not born as a killer, though. They are patrolling the body after being made as a killer cell. It is being made as a killer cell with the ambition to protect the body from the attack of the infected cells. How do they do it is the key, though.

The cell that is to be killed is called as the target cell. The killer cell is targeting the cell membrane of the target cell and then forms and aqueous solution to attack the killer cells and develop apoptosis. It is also called as the osmotic cell lysis process through what the killer cells are disintegrated from their actual molecular structure. It means that cells are killed and the remains of the dead cell are not left alone, but only made to digest as well through the killer cells. This is why they are called as the natural killer cells or the NK cells.

In a case of viral infections, NK cells are not active enough to do the job as it is aimed b the body to stay free from the external stresses or the internal stress builders. In such assets, the options are somewhat higher ranking officers. Yeah, they are the B cells and the T cells. These are good enough to bind the virus from replicating anymore in the body. The faster the viruses are reproducing in the hosts, the more vulnerable is the disease in that individual. So, instead, taking powerful medications can make sure that the viral attack is fought successively using the best of the medicines. Usually, the supplements like HemoHIM can be of the best help to boost the effective strength of the immune system as a whole. The B cells are produced in higher numbers in case of such special need in those particular areas, to get rid of the virus at the earliest possible. When they do not multiply by replication then the life span is not quite extensive to stay in the body for a long time. The B cells are not killing the virus but protecting the body by stopping the replication of the virus. Other blood cells are programmed to spontaneously destroy the viruses.     

Th1/2 Cells

There is a perfect balance needed for the immune system to functional in an optimal manner just like most often other organs of the body. Th1/2 Cells is mainly to regulate the natural stimuli against the foreign invaders. Viral attacks and the cancer cell growth are all retarded by the Th1 cells. Antibodies are used by the Th2 cells so as to reach the bacteria and combat with them effectively. To switch optimally between using the Tw1 cells and the Thw2 cells as and when it is necessary respectively, the body is well trained naturally.

At the same time if any individual is affected by an ailment called as the autoimmune disorder, either the Th1 cells will dominate the Th2 cells or the vice versa happens too. Heavy metals, the translates, and mercury or even lack of exercise with excessive alcohol consumption can promote imbalance. Stress-induced due to varied internal factors and the external stress-inducing factors, as well as eating processing foods, can also create an imbalance in the Th1/2 Cells selections by the body. In order to make sure that this goes back to normal condition, one must not miss out something like hemohim. Remember, the consequences of missing out this Th1/2 Cells balance can be adverse in any strong or weak lead as a matter of fact.


Guess for instance a person is in his or her very good health condition in the young age. If the sedentary lifestyle is inevitable for the person to study at home and in the office or in the business place using the computers for long hours, and if he o she consumers a bit of alcohol too on a daily basis, and gets used to eating some of the processed foods then naturally there are all chances for the person to catch up with some of the worst issues just because of the simple reason that there is no balance in the Th1/2 Cells selections done by the body.

One dominates the other during the assault on the microbes. That means some the assaults on the bacteria or the viruses or the tumor cells are not optimal or ideal as it is not meant to serve that purpose in particular. O, by all means, the very good option already will just be to take hem him regularly and follow a very good diet also along with that.

Stay away from alcohol too. Then there are3 all the chances that the body gets a rack to its normal way of functioning at the eeriest possible. To trigger the reversibility the supplements like hemohim are highly helpful enough. So, do not forget to get back to shape even if you have not followed the type of lifestyle that s recommended here so far. Order for your quota of hemohim without fails at the earliest possible. When you start to use the supplement then naturally you are sure to see the best of the results too. Hemohim is meant to serve as a balancing agent for the Th1/2 Cells functionality.


It is the primary male sex hormone. We can call it to be an anabolic steroid too. Male reproductive tissues such as the testicles or the prostate are developed in better ways when the testosterone production in the body is optimal. There are secondary sexual characteristics that are exhibited by every other man out there. That is evident in the bone mass. That is evident through the muscles too. Hair growth in the body is a clear cut example of additional sexual characteristics as well. With that said, if the testosterone levels are not optimal enough, then the development of all these attributes in the personality of the individual will be difficult.

Basically, testosterone is nothing but a physiological messenger. We call it to be a hormone. Sexual characteristics in males can be of the higher order with the immense production in a particular individual. The more testosterone means, the more display of the sexual characteristics too. This androgen is produced primarily by the testicles. The lending cells are responsible for the testosterone production in the body. Sex drive increases with the increase in the testosterone levels in the body. Enough amount of food with right supplements can make sure that the levels of the testosterone secretions in the body are in optimal standers.

If the levels are coming down then that is evident in the personality often individual. You got to make sure that the right supplements are being taken to boost the hormone secretions in the body one you are arching forty years of age. It is hated the distractions can come under the zone of activity.  Sex drive can be lacking in men because of the improper amount of testosterone levels produced in the body. So make sure that you are taking something like Hong-Sam-Dan(Korean Red Ginseng Spherical Granules) to get the best of the male sexual hormones to be secreted in the body quite naturally. If the hormones are higher in production then the person is vibrant in all the activates that he is involved in. so, take Hong-Sam-Dan(Korean Red Ginseng Spherical Granules) regularly to get the best out of your time and efforts.

FAQ: Membership

Can I rejoin after my withdrawal from Atomy?

There are all chances for coming back as the thought to realize the true potential comes to certain members only after so many months and years. It is quite natural. Yet, there are rules to adhere as well. If you are withdrawing your membership on your own, then there are possibilities to rejoin in a year or so. The gap must be a year. Without even one year gap there are no possibilities to rejoin. If in case your membership is terminated for the reason that you have not made any purchase at all in about a whole year’s time, then there are chances to rejoin with a new membership from the very next day itself. It is easy. Drop a mail with your id to the customer service center and you are sure to get a positive reply shortly. There is no joining fee for anyone to reenter in that way.

Membership verification process means what?

It varies from one nation to that of the others. YouTube has the details presented already in the form of videos. Try watching it for your locality.

How about couple membership?

Prime member and the secondary member are selected between the couples in case of couple membership. Read the terms and conditions well, to note down the responsibilities and the well before you enter into one such couple membership. The payable member will just be the prime member between the two. It can either be a husband or wife only based on the preferred cues offered by the couple during the membership enrollment.

Registered documents that are needed to become a member of Atomy here?

CURP number and the following personal information that is submitted with the pre-registration form will be required initially. RFC number is needed along with the bank account number once you are up to starting the business under Atomy banner.

Will I need a bank account to start to be a member of Atomy?

Yes, it is essential if you want to receive your payments.

I am the student and willing to join Atomy, so what are the limits?

Anyone can join and become a member of Atomy regardless of the nationality, or the race. Yet, there is an official age to do involve in any profession or business in many countries around the world. This is to prevent the child labor that is quite common in many developed nations even today. To not to encourage such things, Atomy has a policy to not to employ or hire or contract any workers who are less than 18 years of age. That policy is suitable for anyone who likes to become a member of Atomy as well. So, in order to gain the reputation and gather some experience, it is quite a must that you must get that exposure in the market and have a better fell off the market, to be inducted for sales and marketing for Atomy. If you are more than 18 years old, then there is no bar for you to be a member instantaneously as long as you are quite suitable for the role. The final discretion is solely exclusively made by the management as per the local laws, and regulations are taken into due consideration.

If I and my wife like to be members, how will you give us identification numbers despite being from the same family?

For those who are married, there will be only one id issued per couple.

What if I have no sponsor at all?

When you open the Atomy’s Official Website, ““, refer to the Atomy masters section and you will find the office contact number and details. Or just join us! We can readily come for your assistance.

Are there any registration fees to become an Atomy Member?

No. There is no registration fee.

FAQ: Business

How about me working for Atomy in this territory being a foreigner?

It is possible provided you do have a work permit. You can work for Atomy here when you are given a labor visa but Atomy doesn’t sponsor one.

There are many other MLM companies other than Atomy; can I join them to sell your products too?

No. it is not possible to entertain other companies or other company members to be part and parcel of the distributorship of Atomy. If the management comes to know about any such activities, then the membership will be terminated once for all. Operating the educational center or being a sales master means you are not entitled to hold any responsibility of any other company other than the Atomy. That is one of the terms and conditions mentioned in the agreement to be signed by the person.

Is it tough to sell the Atomy products as the posh markets are only receiving the costly products today?

These are not costly products to sell first of all, in any country that is developed or developing or even underdeveloped nations of the world. If that is the case then you would not find it to be spread all over the world in such a short span of time. Change that mentality first of all that these products are not meant for the low segments of the society. These products can be catered to any segment of the society in any part of the world for the sole reason that these are super affected companies to what you get out of the substandard products that are available in the market.

An illustration can be giving you best details to throw more light on this particular concept. Guess for instance if you are going to use the BB cream of Atomy which is for 100 bucks a piece. There could be so many other creams that are also being called as the BB creams of their own brand and sold in the market for a lesser price. If you are going to use these lesser priced products or else the higher priced products, you may not be getting the true quality that is only the part of the Atomy BB cream.

So, you will be getting less satisfactory results while trying the other creams that are available in the market to not to see the real glow at all. Else, you will come to atomy at one point of time, late in the future, only after realizing that atomy has the best in the world. To realize that it may take a good while. The time, money and efforts spent all until then can purely be waste of time. Considering the costs, that could be double or multifold to what you can spend with Atomy products directly right away, here now. If you are giving this explanation to the users from any segment then they are going to try the product first of all. Soon after realizing the impressive benefits of the usage of the Atomy BB cream they place orders in bulk numbers without you having to go behind them for further orders. This is true not only for BB cream but also for all the other products of Atomy.

How good will you support and pay for additional efforts?

Those who come forward to put that extra step toward aiding Atomy to scale heights will be tracked and acknowledged for their best performance. That is the major reason why Atomy is so successful enough today in the market for it is one of the leaders in the business to take care of their employees well. Value added by the members towards Atomy growth is proportional to their own growth under the banner of Atomy. So, think about varied ways to grow ethically and strongly in the newer as well as older markets. That means you will be paid additional commissions for your efforts. Rewards are amazing for those who are dedicating their time and efforts additionally.

Can I educate other aspirants to the business?

Educational centers are purely meant for this business. You are paid in addition to running the educational centers and affording your time to promote the brand products through the seminars that you conduct in the educational center regardless of the results. Sometimes results could be overwhelming that you might expect. In such cases, rewards are overwhelming to your surprise too.

Is tourist visa enough to join Atomy business?

Not possible.

Are their new markets to focus for Atomy as distributors?

There are plenty of markets that are untouched all now by Atomy even though there are so many brands that are being opened right, left and center in availed parts of the world. It is not easy to manage it all and run it well. Opening everywhere is quite easier but to maintain the standards and the ethics everywhere is tough for the top level management when there is not enough control. That is why growth steps are not happening too fast. Yet, the current growth rate itself is something remarkable feats to achieve for any company in this MLM trade. With that said, more active efforts from our side, can sideline competitors to nowhere in no time. Focus note new markets while not losing business in the existing markets.

Is it possible to get items from the neighboring nations to sell in my country?

FORMAL clearance is not obtained for the imports and the exports of Atomy goods so far for most of the distributors. It is a time-consuming process. It is not worth trying it so kindly refrains from trying such things for quite some time.

What is the scope of joining atomy as I don’t have big investments to make?

Scope to succeed with Atomy is higher compared to many other multi-level marketing businesses out there. The reason being obviously the reputation of the company for its genuine quality in the offering to the consumers. You don’t have to talk on behalf of the brand or product in most of the places where you travel as they must know about the products worth already. There is no big need to do the marketing but only the responsibility to do sales within ethics is what need here in this multi-level marketing business which is not the same case otherwise with many other MLM firms. Having said that there are surely untapped territories too.

It is the sheer responsibility of the distributors to make sure that these areas are concentrated better and real educating seminars are conducted to the populace out there. When they are aware of the product and the brand better, then it is easy for the information to be spread through word of mouth. Sales become easier. To not to push products or dump with any customers it is important that distributors take time in the method of approach. Sales done in any territory are being observed and tracked for the number of orders placed by any customers from a place too. If the orders are being tracked then that is just to ensure that the products are not misused at all.

So, the duty of the distributors is so simple. They don’t have to pitch in aggressively like other marketing people to dump goods in one place and see returns and exchanges soon after to add on to their woes later on. All they need to do is just sales coordination, in fact, to not to pull in troubles. Sales happen steadily and systematically for the distributors to make enough money than what they might be dreaming about to make for the targeted months or years. This is how the scope is enormous and the potential to make money is incomparable with atomy for the distributors to relish the pleasure for their earnest efforts.

FAQ: Return/Exchange

How about the defected items and the return policies?

Yes, you can return the damaged products to your distributors or the local office. Read the policies of returning that is being followed currently by the Atomy.

How about the exchanges and the returns and what is the procedure to do so?

Fill up the applications for the returns and the exchanges. In a case of exchange or in a case of refund, the shipping company personnel will visit the particular recipient address, and the needful formalities are done accordingly.

Is it possible to do returns and exchanges at any point of time with Atomy?

30 days is the limit for the buyers to come to any conclusion about the product usage and decide whether to return it or not. So, if you are satisfied with any one product in particular that suits your needs well, then the unwanted other product can be exchanged for the useful one, provided if you do the exchange within 30 day’s time.

FAQ: Shipping/Delivery

Are there any free shipping possibilities for the special members or the newbie?

Free shipping for orders over $150.00, and most probably that is not possible but you can wait for any such updates in the future.

So, what are the overall costs involved in the process of ordering Atomy products?

Company’s official online shopping cart has the prices that may vary from one demographics to that of the other based on the local rules, taxes and so on.

How do you do the deliveries?

There are designated career companies alone that are taken into consideration by the Atomy. Those companies will send their staff to do the delivery in any territory.  The distance to what the shipping is done and the weight of the parcel will determine the costs of the delivery accordingly. Usually, the number of days required to do the delivery in the territory will be 3 days at the most. LOCAL rates are bound to vary as per the charges of the local or international courier company hired.

Are overseas deliveries made or not?

Deliveries are done only within your demographics. Orders are placed only with the local distributors.

FAQ: Education/Seminar

What to do to attend the Korea Seminars if I am not from Korea?

Success seminar and the headquarters visits are the title of the page that has the application form as well on the official site of Atomy. Use it to know the terms and the conditions to visit the success seminar the processes involved in the affair to make sure that you are getting the visas ready before your arrival here to Korea Atomy seminars.

How about the seminars that are happening in the country and the related updates?

The number of seminars that are happening currently in and around your locality may be lesser in frequencies. Yet, there are continuous improvement projects that are maintained in the business growing areas of the world for you to see more events being conducted every now and then. Don’t miss these seminars at all. There is valuable information exchange shared during the presentations. Some important and experienced Atomy members would visit the presentations for you to get the best of the guidance from the members and the Leading Pros of the Atomy Network. You may get the most important information and tips about the prospects that are part and parcel of your growth under the banner of Atomy.

How about the success academy and how often is it open to the locals?

Once in a year, a member will be eligible to attend the Korean tour.

Can I visit the headquarters along with my partners? is the id where you need to send the request to visit the headquarters. It is possible to visit the place only with a crew of 15 or more until 30. Your visiting dates will be confirmed by our Atomy staff members through phone and email. It is to make sure that the visit is useful enough for more number of members just like you as you spend a lot of money to travel across the world. Moreover, the visit will be scheduled without any hiccups to entertain you during the visit, and a special staff is appointed to guide you during the office tour.

Are there mentors to educate me?

Right from the day one, you join Atomy to all until you quit on your own, there are so many people around to make you learn and grow along with Atomy. Pampering you to make money is the role played by your mentors here at Atomy. They are going to spoon feed you with all kind of information that you may want for you to gain enough education and guidance to meet your targets. Above all, you can ask for more at any point of time. They are ready to offer you the best of the support. If you are interested in visiting the head office, personally to see how vibrant the set is up as a whole, then you can do that too. Vibrant papers are being arranged bit E Company itself. This is why it becomes super easy for the distributors and even the members to do the promotions effectively by really showing the ongoing live discussions, reviews, presentations, events and seminars in varied parts of the world about Atomy brand products.

What are the conditions to open one Educational Center?

All the members who had successfully maintained the sales master ranks 3 times at least in the last six months are eligible enough to open the educational resource pool locally in your territory. Business license and registration must be obtained from the local authorities. At the same time, the center sales are not allowed in that locality. Qualifications must be submitted to the headquarters as a request to open educational center and the permission will be approved or disapproved based on the merits well within six month’s time.

FAQ: Product

Can I use the products on my own or for my family members?

Yes, you can buy it for your own family members too. It is the reason why there are so many members who are active all now but they are not willing to make money out of their status under atom. They are only interested in using the superior quality products. They are not bothered about gain gin rich through this channel. So they just order goods as a member of Atomy to get discounts for their purchases made regularly. Such customers are there in big numbers for anyone to approach and get some positive testimonials quickly. That helps to pitch in new territories. At the same time, you and your family members can use some of the world class products too, when you are buying items from a distributor

How can I get the Atomy Korea products?

It is not possible to get the deliveries delivered to foreign locations when you are placing orders for Atomy Korea products. Yet, you can purchase anything as you please to do so.

What are the main products that you sell in Malaysia?

The launch of products in any locality will be done in a specific order. That includes the cosmetics in the first place. Then comes in the personal care products and then the health care supplements too.

How many products are launched in my territory here?

More than 45 products are being sold in the market actively.

FAQ: Order/Payment

Can I buy the only toothbrush?

The choices are total left to you and you only. Remember, there are shipping fees that you ought to spend for anything that you order and get to your door steps. In that case, it is a wiser choice to order more and use for a long time rather than making small orders. He shipping fee will not very much for the bulk orders and the singular orders. So, order wisely to cut down the costs for your shipping. That makes it profitable in the long run for you to get the products of Atomy at a lower rate as well. Discounts are there for certain products when you are going to order more. Make sure that you are getting what you want in the premium packages for lowest costs, only based on the wise orders that you place online.

Is there any advantage for the members from Korea when it comes to getting payment?

Payment mode is one and the same of all and it is just the same as that of the Korean members too.

How about the payment choices?

CIE, debit and credit card are acceptable.

FAQ: Changes/Document

Are there any special documents needed to register for an Atomy membership?

Personal information and the SSN or any valid ID of your nation to show that you are the citizen of the nation is good enough. In a case of starting Business under Atomy, then there is a need to produce the RFC number as well along with the account number of your preferred bank to receive payments regularly without any disruption.

Do I need a special visa to stay for a long time here under Atomy as a member?

Temporary residential visa is the must to stay in the territory for a long time and to do the needful possible with Atomy as an ambitious member.

Atomy Korean members can turn into Atomy members of anywhere else or not?

Change of nationality form is available for anyone to change addresses and nations as per the current location to what they do belong. So, that is not going to be a problem or limitation for you to remain a trusted member of Atomy for a long time.

FAQ: Geneal

How about the customs clearance?

You are only responsible for all your local deliveries.

FAQ: Global

What are the further branches globally available for Atomy?

Latin American countries are the next biggest target for the Atomy group, to focus and get the business established all over the world.

Can I be a local citizen but also be a member of Atomy while staying in another country?

Having a member in the residing country with required qualifications can make you use their details to be eligible to operate from another nation. Supporting documents are essential to be submitted to the authorities of Atomy. The IC card, as well as the residential proof, is a must.