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How to Join ATOMY

If you would like us to help you join then you can submit this from instead.

You are going to love Atomy. Atomy is unique in that there are no joining fees, no auto shipping and the prices are very low while being of top quality.

Please write down the following 3 numbers. This is not your ID to use for ordering. You need this Guest ID and Password to get into the Join form on the Atomy website: 1. Guest ID #: 6541777 (This ID is used in Join Us), 2. Guest Password: atomy123 and Next Sponsor ID #: 8812460 (You will be under this sponsor)

Membership Instruction can be viewed and downloaded.

-by PDF-


  1. Click on the Atomy website: (Or click on the following country: Canada, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Taiwan, Mexico, Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand).
  2. Click on the “Join Us” at the top right of the Atomy website.
  3. Put in the Guest ID as: 6541777 and the Guest Password as: atomy123 and click “Login” (The guest ID and password are so that people can access Atomy’s website and has nothing to do with who you’re joining under)
  4. Now click the blue “Join” button.
  5. Read the agreements and check the boxes if you agree and click “Next”.
  6. Fill in your information: Please provide your real Birthday and ID information. (Atomy needs this to help prevent people from joining more than once and for future ID in providing your complete information for tax purposes later if you wish to receive commissions.)
    Guest passwords are usually “atomy123″ and are used to join others and for people to look at the Shopping Mall but they can’t see any details about your account or make purchases.
  7. Once you are done press “Next”.
  8. On the form where it says Sponsor ID put in the ID: 8812460 and click “Search” and the screen as shown on the right will be displayed. Make sure that the Sponsor’s Left side is empty. If not then somebody must have just joined before you and so simply refresh this page to get the next Sponsor ID. (This is not necessarily your Sponsor’s ID but your Sponsor’s next Sponsor ID they would like you to join under. Each member only directly sponsors 2 people then after that they need to give people the next sponsor id and this is where our system really helps our group out for them to easily build their own group.)
  9. Once you have verified that the correct side is open press “Confirm” on the Sponsor pop-up screen.
  10. For the Affiliated Center keep it like it is unless you live in another area and you want to be under another training center.
  11. Press “Next” and verify your information then press “Done”.
  12. Write down your member # and password. Don’t write down or use the “S”. You don’t need it and if you put in a lowercase “s” when you log in it will be rejected. So numbers only is just fine.

Congratulations on taking your first step to experiencing Atomy quality products, low prices and possibly a very good residual income and ENJOY!

If you have any questions please feel free to Contact Us.