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box-blue How to order Atomy products and get the lowest price from Atomy’s Official Site

Atomy Co. has a full line of top quality daily consumable items at the lowest price.

Follow these steps to order directly from

      1. Go to and Click “Shopping Mall” or “Login”. Either one is fine.
      2. Enter your Membership ID # and Password and press Login.
      3. On the left side of the website screen you will see the product categories like HemoHim, Atomy Health Care, Atomy Skin care, etc. Now click on one of these categories. For example: If you click on HemoHim you will see the HemoHim product in 4 set, 3 set, 2 set and 1 set prices. The 4 set means 4 boxes and the price is the lowest price for each one, and 1 box means the highest price. (Tip: If you only want to see the items in the 4 set price then click on the Exclusive Distributor link above the product listing.)
      4. Simply click Add to add items to your Shopping cart. Once you are finished press Order at the bottom right.
      5. Don’t forget “Purpose of Purchase” section, please check “For Personal Use”.  And “Date of Purchase” section is very important to maximize your commission. We will discus this on Training Page. Please leave it alone.
      6. Check “Same as buyer” if Buyer is Receiver, or Check “Different receiver” if Buyer is not the Receiver. Then fill out the “Mailing Address List” form.
      7. Now complete your C.C. info, press “Pay Now” and you are good to go.

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