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Hello, this is Robert with Atomy’s Direct Sales is amazing! During my experience of more than 24 years of Network Marketing, Atomy’s Network Marketing Business is the only form of business I’ve found that offers a level playing field. In other words, anyone can become successful in Atomy’s Network Marketing. Furthermore, the best part is that many Atomy members have already blazed through the trail to success, so you just have to look at what they’ve done and follow suit.

I already mentioned about the Definition of “Next Generation Network/Direct Marketing” which was to minimize the phenomenon of leaning to either side of profits, and to build a business on a WIN-WIN strategy with everyone in the network. This is what I call a “New Business Model”. That’s right! Atomy aims to deliver Absolute High Quality Products (equal or better than top Luxury Brands) at Absolute Low Prices (equal or lower than discount stores) with the new business model all over the world. So with this article, I hope I’m able to effectively convey this great business opportunity to you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to leave a comment or to contact me using the Contact Us section.


Atomy has a WIN-WIN Strategy for you who are ready to run your own business: Atomy has distributed an adequate commission to its members. Many members who have received enough commission are a common sight particularly in USA, Canada, Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore,Cambodia, Philippines, Malaysia and Mexico with pre-registration now open. (and, throughout the world in the near future) and millions of members know that Atomy’s Business is no failure, which proves that our Track Record does in fact correspond with the Compensation Plan. Therefore, it is a fact to all members in the Atomy Network that Atomy’s Business is a success.



The world economy is changing at a rapid-fire pace:
It’s no secret that the world is rapidly changing. “Twenty years ago, there were fewer than 3 million people with Internet access; now there are nearly 2.5 billion. Mice can grow human ears. Robots make cars. Guns can be manufactured with a 3-D printer”, Citi’s Andrew Pitt writes. These changes guarantee the success in your Atomy business. In the near future, nearly all products will be sold to consumers through the internet. Atomy started with Absolute High Quality and Absolute Low Prices in Network Marketing (also known as Direct Sales or Multi-Level Marketing). On the whole, Atomy’s business entails global marketing, and shares with its members 70% of their corporate income, which is why Atomy has a Win-Win Strategy. So I gave it the name “Next Generation Network Marketing”. Pick Atomy’s business idea about what you should be doing to find a part-time or full-time job! 

Story is from Dong-Cheol Park, start 5 years ago, now making over $47,000/mo. See left video, And another story is from a lady, 63 years old, started 4 years ago, now making $11,000/mo. See her commission screen blow. Amazing! 




What makes Atomy so special?

The answer is very simple. Atomy seeks a WIN-WIN strategy for all.
Here is what makes Atomy stand out:

    • Luxury Brand Quality: Atomy provides a health, cosmetics and personal care line that is safe for all ages and is made with ultra-purified natural herbal ingredients. If you can get someone to try Atomy products, chances are he/she will buy again!
    • Absolute Low Prices: Atomy products are Luxury Brand Quality but prices are equal or lower than discount stores. Many of the other companies will try to push you on over priced and over promised products, but that isn’t what we at Atomy believe in!
      • No Membership or Recuriting Fee: Atomy is free to join and no required purchase or any obligations for you to worry about.
      • No Monthly Purchase or Auto-Ship: Members are always in control of their own purchases, and Atomy believes so much in their products that they do not need to get people into Monthly Purchase or Auto-Ship Programs. Other companies rely on automatically shipping products on a regular basis to their members – companies that are ruthless in their pursuit of profit. In this case, unused products will keep piling up in your garage!
      • You are not alone: With Atomy you are not alone in building up your down-line. At times, members above you will help you by adding members to your line. For example, we are very active in adding new members so we try to help people on their left side and they just have to focus on building their right. This is true with networkers above you so the team grows very fast.
      • One Membership is Your Ticket to the world: You just need one membership ID for the entire world, so you are able to diversify your income to include other Countries as they open to Atomy. Now available: S. Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Singapore, Canada and USA.
      • Big, Big Opportunity of Passive Income: I have already explained about “Passive Income” on the Network Marketing section. Atomy has a binary compensation plan with an unlimited down-line. This is a very effective, easy and generous plan as detailed below. Atomy shares 70% of its corporate income and Atomy members automatically earn value points (PV) towards sharing in Atomy’s corporate income, both on their own and connected members’ network purchases. It is also important to note that even if someone from 5,000 levels down buys a product from Atomy, it is the same earnings as if the person was just one level below. This maximizes your income without the potential of losing your down-line, as is often the case with other companies. Today, many people join Atomy and countless members are enjoying success within 4 or 5 years – not to mention $2,000~$5000 per month in the 1st or 2nd year.
      • Atomy is not a Get-Rich-Quick Program: You have to be determined to make your down-line at the beginning. You also need to be informed about the excellence of Atomy products to introduce them to prospective customers (also, using the products yourself is very beneficial!). You can promote Atomy products to your friends or family, or other potenital buyers and you are paid the commission for your time and effort. You can use your commission to invest in your Atomy business to help it grow. This will build Residual Income, and reward you for the effort that you put into developing your Atomy business.
      • There is a potential to earn $30,000~$50,000 per month after 3 to 4 years, while keeping your effort at about the same level. This is called Passive Income. Unlike your early commissions, your Passive Value will increase exponentially as your business grows.
      • Atomy has a WIN-WIN Strategy for all those who are ready to start their own business. We can maximize income when we use all the resources the Atomy Company makes available. Make a decision today to become a success by starting your own business with Atomy! 


Atomy is heading to the world: Atomy is now becoming a household name all over world – like Samsung and Apple.

Atomy started in S. Korea in 2006 and is already huge in the Korean marketplace after just a few years. New Products are constantly under development by our manufacturing partners for Atomy members all around the world. Soon, Atomy will be worldwide.
Atomy has the backing of Kolmar and KAERI; the S. Korean Atomy Energy Research Institute developed HemoHim after 8 years of research in a quest to help boost the immune system for their employees working with radiation, which then became the leading manufacturer of health care, cosmetics, home care and many other products since 1921.
Atomy chose to use the Network/Direct Marketing to sell their items throughout the world. For that, Atomy gives 70% of the company’s income to its members which is unheard of in the industry. The industry average is only about 40%.



How quickly will you grow your business?

There’s a lot of people in the world looking for their big break to develop a business idea and be rewarded with tons of money. As already mentioned, Atomy is not a Get-Rich-Quick Program. Just a reminder, you must learn that Network Marketing delivers what is known as Passive Income. With Atomy it is particularly great valuable to you. Please pick Atomy’s Business Idea about what you should be doing to find a full/part time job or some extra income from home, and who you should approach:

        1. Natural process as a consumer: Try a Atomy product out for a month and then decide whether or not you want to buy more. With this method you get introduced into Atomy and buy products. You will accumulate PV (Point Value) as you purchase products from online, here or As you go about your life you end up talking about the products you use and others might sign up just to use the products you recommend!
        2. Start reselling with little funds: This method recommends you buy 300k PV worth of product at the set price. For example, 2 HemoHIM Systems @ $159 each and 1 Morning 6 @ $159 equals $477 and you get 300k PV. This qualifies you to make about $70 each time both legs brings in 300k PV. Many people just trying out the product let you sell them the product to save on shipping and don’t care about points at first.
        3. Atomy Business with more funds: This is the most popular method for those that catch the vision and see the opportunity. Most endeavors require some money. You invest approximately $1000 to $2000. You caught the vision and saw the opportunity right away. You buy one – 4 set of the HemoHim+ at $352(=$88×4) each set for 100k, one – 4 set of Morning 6 at $352(=$88×4) each set for 100k PV, one – 4 set Evening Care at $144(=$36×4) each set for 40k PV, one – 4 item toothpaste(200g) at $68(=$17×4) each item for 10k PV, four – 4 set toothpaste(50g) at $21.20(=$5.30×4) each set for 2300 PV, 4 pack Toothbrushes at $36(=$9×4) each pack for 3,900 PV, 1 – 4 item BB cream at $36(=$9×4) each item for 10k PV, 1 – 4 item sunscreen at $36(=$9×4) each item for 10k PV, 1 set Oral Care Systems at $13.50 each set for 4,800 PV, and one – 4 set of Hair & Body at $164(=$41×4) 4 set for 51k PV. This equals $1,222.70 and gave us 350,600 PV. And then host a party and introduce the Atomy products. At this time, you can participants publicity of Atomy by gift or selling ($2 for a toothblush, $2 for a toothpaste(50g), $6 for a 200g-toothpaste and so on) them a toothbrush and a 50g-toothpaste.
        4. More Aggressive Atomy Business: Navigating the universe of network marketing can be easier if you make your choices diligently. The power of mentorship in the business of network marketing can make miracles to happen in your life too. Discover their own discreet recruiting style. Get to know well on how to harvest the power of the internet. Learn ahead the detailed materials of the groundbreaking information presented here for you to do your aggressive network marketing under the leadership of eminent few. Yeah, they are all here in Atomy. Atomy members are using diverse strategies to prosper and accomplish their goals. There are different techniques, tricks, tactics and strategies that help people to succeed to different levels. So, basically, how you lead in your network marketing business aggressively? Is it the product or the opportunity that comes in first?Product first approach is the philosophy taught in many of the network marketing companies out there. Establishing a well set retail customer base for the products is the focus in this technique. When you have satisfied customers list growing in numbers over a period of time, there are potentially so many distributors that will emerge out of the satisfied customer’s base, spontaneously.

How can you make money with Atomy?

With Atomy you can generate income in a number of ways – complete compensation details: Marketing Plan

      • Retail: Optional. Up to 100% markup to non-members. (Tip: Just have people join under your line and then direct people to Atomy’s website.)
      • General Daily Commissions: Up to $1,380 per day.
      • Mastership and Masters’ Bonus: From 10% to .3% of PV every 2 weeks, approx. $1,600 to $50,000 per month.
      • Mastership Promotions and Incentives: Products, Laptop, Travel, Cars, Office, Driver, Expense Account, Cash.
      • Education Center: 6% of centers total PV up to 35% of total sales income.

Understanding Atomy’s Compensation Plan – Daily Commissions


Atomy has a binary compensation plan with unlimited down-line. This is a very effective, easy and generous plan. For your commissions a sale made from a person at level 2 is the same as a person on level 500.


Each product sold has a point value known as PV. As shown left you can see that the toothbrush has a PV of 3,900 while HemoHim+ has a PV of 100k. Some products have the same PV when sold in multiple sets so you have to decide if you’d rather save on the product cost or make more PV.

One common question is why the PV is so high? The answer is because Atomy started in S. Korea and their currency is currently about 1,000 WON which translates to $1 USD so it isn’t high, it just looks high to us in the U.S. This is why I like to say and use 10k instead of 10,000 PV.


When you first join Atomy you start out as a Member, then with your first purchase of 10k PV to 300k PV you become a Sales Rep and already eligible for commissions. Your personal PV accumulates for as long as you are a member and are not required to purchase products each month to receive commissions like other companies. To keep your membership active all you need to do is buy just one product that has PV under your own membership ID no matter how much it is, like the toothbrush pack of 8 for only $9. Then, you are good for another full year!


So for example, let’s say you have accumulated 100k personal PV and your left and right side each have accumulated 300k PV and over, then since you are between 10k PV and 100k PV you get a score of 5 which equals to about $24. (Each score is about $4.80 USD). Your personal PV always accumulates but once you get paid the left and right PV resets to zero for the next day in South Korea’s timezone. Now if you personally had 300k PV then you would have been paid about $70. That is why it is best just to do method #2 we talked about above.


Now on the other end of the scale once your personal PV and your left and right legs grow, so does your daily commissions. For example, let’s say you have accumulated 2.4m personal PV and each day you get over 50m PV on your left and right you will earn a score of 300 which is about $1,380 for that day alone – Yes, people are actually at this level in S. Korea. The USA is a much bigger market than Korea. By then, we’ll’ have the rest of the world to conquer.


Left is a chart that gives the complete commission structure. You can start earning commissions with as little as 10k personal PV. But really, why make only $24 when you can make $70 with a small investment? So the main goal is to reach 300k personal PV which isn’t difficult.

box-blue1 Mastership Promotions and Incentive

Mastership Incentives
Sales Master HemoHIM 1-set, Atomy Skin Care 6 System 1-set, Atomy Evening Care 1-set
Diamond Master Laptop Computer or Tablet, HemoHIM 1-set, Atomy Skin Care 6 System 1-set, Atomy Evening Care 1-set
Sharon-Rose Master *$2,000 Cash, 2-Travel Tickets
Star Master *$10,000 Cash, 4-Travel Tickets
Royal Master *$50,000 Cash, *$2,000 Credit per month, Car rental fee, 4 Travel tickets (10 nights & 11 days)
Crown Master *$300,000 Cash, *$5,000 Credit per month, a Luxury car, 4 Travel tickets (10 nights & 11 days)
Imperial Master *$1 Million Cash, *$10,000 Credit per month, a Luxury car, an Office of Approx. 1700 sq. with a Personal Assistant, a Driver, 4 Travel tickets (10 nights & 11 days)

      1. Products are based on purchase price.
      2. Sharon-Rose/Star Master: Travel Tickets: *$1,000 eq/person
      3. Royal/Crown/Imperial Master: Travel Tickets: *$4,000 eq/person
      4. Car rental fee: *$1,000 eq/month
      5. Crown Master Luxury Car: *$64,000
      6. Imperial Master Luxury Car: *$78,000
      7. Studio apartment rental: *$2,500 eq/month
      8. Assistant salary: *$1,500 eq/month
      9. Driver Salary: *$2,000 eq/month
      10. Laptop computer or tablet: *$650

* Dollar amounts are estimates and may be subject to change based on currency exchange rate.

Mastership Bonus is given twice a month

Twice a month you will receive a cash bonus based on your Mastership level. The way it works is that Atomy calculates the total company PV for that half of the month and multiplies it by the Mastership level percentage (Sales Master is 10% for example) and divides it by the number in that level of Mastership. So for example say you are a Sales Master and the total company PV for 15 days is 5 billion. They take 10% of 5 billion which is 500 million and divide it by the number of Sales Masters which is say 1,000 and that equals 500,000 Korean Won which is about $500 USD per Sales Master twice a month.

Since there are fewer people as the Mastership level increases, the percentage decreases, so most of the PV goes to the Sales Masters. The percentages are Sales Master 10%, Diamond Master 5%, Sharon Rose Master 2%, Star Master 1.2%, Royal Master 1%, Crown Master 0.3%, Imperial Master 0.2%.

Your personal PV never goes away and always accumulates. There is no need for you to keep purchasing products just to receive your commissions like in other companies.

What is your expected income?

You know better than anyone that Atomy’s Business is not a “Get-Rich-Quick Program”. You need to be personally motivated to make a living in Network Marketing. And to do that, any Atomy product experience should always come before what you decides because it’s embarrassing to try to sell or introduce people to something you don’t think is a good product. Afterwards, if the enterprise is attended with love and passion, you will be a big success. Literally, everything is ready.

Based on Korea’s Market, we can think of it as follows: you can earn around $1,000 per month within the next 3 to 6 months, around $10,000 per month within 2 to 3 years and around $40,000~$50,000 per month within 5 to 6 years. However, how much you make is totally up to you.

There’s a lot of people in the world looking for their big break to get an idea and be rewarded with tons of money. So pick Atomy’s business idea about what you should be doing to find a part or full time job and who you should approach!



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With many businesses now taking their products and marketing campaign to the World Wide Web, maximizing internet for all its marketing worth has never been more relevant. Having recognized this, Atomy offers a unique, innovative and ground-breaking Network Marketing Program (Next Generation Network Marketing) for its members that ensures maximum growth and income for both parties involved.


We believe one of our strengths that makes our team as strong as it is, is through the amount of training and support we provide each member who joins Atomy.

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