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Atomy 7 Solutions Gel Mask



Experience 7 Solutions in Weeks!!
Twice a week, a happy habit for myself!

  • Content: 7 Week worth (25g x 14ea)
  • Technology / Ingredients: Kolmar BNH
  • Manufacture: IMINE Co., LTD / Kolmar Korea
  • Function: Helps with brightening firming of the skin
  • Storage: Keep in room temperature (1c~30c)
  • Expiration: 12 months from manufacture date, right after opening
  • Beauty Contents: Niacin-amide, adenosine


Hydro-gel sheet that sticks firmly along the face line, leaving out any space

*What is Hydro-gel?
Concentrated essence containing water in particles, made into a half-solid substance. It contains more essence than general felt sheets, and absorbs into the skin better.

Comforts and enlivens the skin with its soothing effect
Highly moisturizing hydro-gel mask gives refreshing and calming effect to the skin, tired of pollution and strong UV rays. The silk aminos help hydrate and soften the skin.

Hydro-gel has identical oil/water composition as the skin
Unlike general water-soluble hydro-gels, we made it closer to our skin’s oil/water balance, maximizing osculation and absorption to make a healthier and firmer skin.

7 Herb Water absorb into the skin moist and rich (Patent 10-1202393)
We put in the same skin science used for the Skin Care 6 System

Live herbs biotechnology
Using the fresh biotechnology which processes clean, un-dried herbs in their natural state, we deliver the living vitality of the herbs.



Fresh biotechnology is a leading-edge technology of Kolmar BNH (SBT)that processes freshly grown live herbs in their natural state without drying, minimizing oxide and extracting beneficial elements. It is a modern extracting technology which took the wisdom from our ancestors’ traditional way of brewing tea. As we gather fresh herbs and process them on the same day, we are able to add higher concentration and content, contributing to the higher function of cosmetic products.







The herb complex, extracted from 7 organic live herbs (rosemary, houttuynia cordata lavender, chamomile, fennel seed, basil, marshmallow) with Kolmar BNH’s leading-edge technology, cares for the skin in various ways including hydration, calming, and firming.
Adenosine is an element of the ATP, which is critical for the activity of an organism. It absorbs into the cells easily and synthesizes within the body. It is an important substance that controls various metabolism. This substance is also announced as a functional ingredient for wrinkle improvement by the Korean Food & Drug Administration.
Also a vitamin B3, niacinamide controls skin troubles such as acnes, improves dark tones and brightens the skin. Niacinamide is announced as a functional ingredient for brightening by the Korean Food & Drug Administration.
Yellow Quercetin, rich in apples, protects the stressed skin from harmful external elements, and helps with the harmonious flow of the skin. It also helps with hydration and texture care.
Collagen is a protein made within human bodies and occupies 70% of the derma layer. Collagen helps maintain elasticity, strengthens the skin immunity, prevents freckles, and activates the skin’s blood circulation.
Hyaluronic acid, a type of carbohydrate produced naturally in the body, has high affinity and durability to the skin tissue and moisture, providing the skin with hydration.

*The above contents are limited to ingredient specifications.

Direction: The miracle of my second skin twice a week
TIP. Keep in refrigerator for a little while to enjoy a cooler sensation.


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